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Pledge Sunday

Thank you for all those who offered their pledge today to see Vision 2020 come to fruition. Of course we understand that there are many among us who are unable to give more than their regularly offertory and this is completely fine. We also know there are those who are still prayerfully considering their response. […]

Christmas Bazaar

With less than 3 months to prepare, we’re asking for various items we need to make this the successful major fundraising event we have experienced in past years. We’re looking for jewellery, body products, china, linen, tableware, all the gifts you have received you didn’t really want – now’s the time to make extra space in […]

Fathers’ Day Bible Reading Notes

Notes and readings (for the week commencing 1st September, 2014) are shown below, with a PDF version here.  By Simon Keith As we lead up to our Fathers’ Day special next Sunday, I want us to reflect on what fatherhood means. I want to think about the Bible’s portrayal of God as our father, and on […]