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Reading notes – 1 Samuel 16-17 – The king who saved his people

Week commencing 13th August 2017   With a PDF found here Notes for next Sunday’s sermon covering 1 Samuel 16-17 DAY 1: Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Last week, we saw how the tragedy of Saul’s failure distressed the prophet Samuel. Do you recall 15:11? “Samuel was angry and he cried to the LORD.” Saul may have been […]

Calling All Visual Artists!

As part of our upcoming Compassion Initiative mini-conference 21 Oct, we’re looking for paintings, photographs, drawings or sculptures that might reflect or invite some aspect of compassion. Please consider loaning or donating for auction one or more of your works for a weekend-long “Art of Compassion” exhibit at Tewantin Hall, 20-22 Oct.. This is a great […]