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Vision 2020 Bible Reading Notes Week 5

Notes and readings (for the week commencing 18th August, 2014) are shown below, with a PDF version here.  We exist to glorify God by making disciples as we love and serve Noosa. In this second half of our sermon series giving the Biblical foundation of our vision, we are exploring that our vision is dependent […]

Vision 2020 launched!

Vision 2020 launched on Saturday night 16th August. With over 130 present and in the context of  a wonderful meal provided and prepared by parish council, we heard an exciting presentation of what our church might look like by 2020 and what we need to to get there. See here for all the details.

How to grow as a Christian

Are you quite new in following Christ? Are you wishing your faith was stronger? Here are five things that should help you 1. ARE YOU CLEAR? Do you know what it means to be a Christian and do you know why you are a Christian? A Christian is someone who has come to realise two great […]