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A huge thank you

From Mark A huge thank you to everyone who contributed in so many ways to our Easter services. Your help was invaluable and warmly appreciated. Easter was a very special time this year especially on the back of our remarkable Lenten studies. None of what we were able to commemorate and celebrate over the course […]

Term 2 sermon series starts May 5

2 Timothy – “Dear Timothy…” 05 May           … Do not be ashamed of Jesus                                        2 Tim 1:1-8 12 May           … Jesus has destroyed death                                          2 Tim 1:9-18 19 May           … be strong in Jesus’ grace                                             2 Tim 2:1-13 26 May           … God approves                  […]

Hear all our Easter messages here

Click here to find all our Easter messages in one place… in reverse order. From Maundy Thursday through to Easter day – 4 talks in all. We trust they might be a blessing to you to listen to again.