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‘Even Death on a Cross’: How Christian Humility Upended the World

Source: By John Dickson, as published by ABC Religion and Ethics 13 Jun 2018 Humility came to be regarded as a virtue in Western culture as a consequence of Christianity’s dismantling of the all-pervasive honour-shame paradigm of the ancient world.CREDIT: MARTIN SCHROEDER / EYEEM / GETTY IMAGES When Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mount Everest with Tenzin Norgay in […]

For the love of God – John Dickson documentary

“For the Love of God” is a documentary by John Dickson and the team at the Centre for Public Christianity. It’s about how the history of Christianity, is both better and worse than most people think! There are two local opportunities to see the film, the Maroochydore screening including a Q and A with John […]

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