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Entire series on 2 Corinthians

The entire 2 Corinthians series can be found in one spot here. (Remember that the most recent sermon will be at the top of the page and that for some passages there may be two different sermons found due to our multiple sites.)

New series on the book of Judges

Many Christians know very little about the fascinating and challenging book of Judges. What is its role and point in the Bible? What is God saying to us through some of the most weird and wonderful passages you’re likely to read?  I will be up front with you: some of this book is not pleasant […]

Vision 2020 dinner and update

Friday 5th August at St Andrew’s Sunshine Beach (Bicentennial Drive). 5.30pm for 6pm. RSVP via the signup sheet or email the office. (If you would love to bring your children please let Simon Keith know.)