In the first series of 2012, we’re exploring the Gospel of Mark, a chapter each week leading up to Easter. To help dig deeper, we’re providing a reading plan (with notes) which you will be able to access on this dedicated page (from next week), or by a weekly email. If you receive our regular emails already, then you will automatically be sent the Gospel of Mark ones too.

Because we all struggle to read our Bible regularly, we thought it would be a great idea if from the week following Christmas we all worked at encouraging one another to read Mark’s gospel at least 4 days out of 7 each week. So our great hope is that when we come to each Sunday’s sermon, we will have all read ahead, the chapter for the week.

So the pattern will be:

Read, Hear, and Respond

  1. READ. In the week prior, everyone works through the chapter which is to be covered in Sunday’s message.
  2. HEAR. On the Sunday, either Adam or Mark will take the week’s chapter and explain and apply it to our daily lives. The sermons will also be available online to listen to.
  3. RESPOND. In the week following the sermon, the small groups will explore the application and implication of the chapter preached.

By the time we reach Easter, we should all have a great love for and knowledge of the Gospel of Mark. Then we’ll be all the more ready to celebrate the profound Easter message!