We have the best news in the world to share. We have a message of hope, of forgiveness, of love. A message of new beginnings. We have light for people’s darkness. We have answers to people’s questions. We have some certainty for people’s doubts. And we saw during our Lenten studies, we have a message with solid historical foundations.  Our message is testable and credible. Our ancient documents are considered to be historically reliable. But we find it so hard to share this great message! We struggle to explain what we believe. We become nervous at the thought of defending our faith. Many of our own family members think we’re mad! We often can’t think of clear answers to their challenging questions or attacks. So let me ask you, what sermon topic would help you invite someone to church?

Last year we tried to engage with our community with our “If you could ask God anything” series, and undertook advertising and distributed flyers, we hardly welcomed any visitors among us.

So, as I did in relation to prayer a couple of weeks back, I’m asking for your help again. What sort of sermon topic or theme would you feel most comfortable to invite your friends or family to? What would it take for you to feel confident when approaching someone to ask them to church? Can you imagine a conversation like this: “Our minister is talking about ____________ on Sunday and I thought you might be interested”?

Fill in the blank for me. What would attract people—entice—lure people? What would arouse curiosity and interest? I’d love to hear from you. Mark.