Dear Brother and Sisters, it was with both some sadness and excitement that we announced this morning that I have accepted the Archbishop’s invitation to be appointed as Priest-in-Charge of St Bart’s, Toowoomba. This was certainly not an easy decision to make, not least due to our great love for the amazing people at the Anglican Church of Noosa and the incredible ways in which God has been at work. In so many ways it would have been wonderful to continue on in Noosa for many years to come, but it has become increasingly apparent – both to Bettrys and myself – that God is calling us to St Bart’s. We are so thankful for the goodness of our God and that he has provided clear direction within the discernment process. St Bart’s is a fantastic church and I feel incredibly humbled to have the opportunity to partner with them in the gospel.

These last (almost) three years have been truly wonderful. We love each of you dearly and rejoice for the ways in which God has been at work – drawing us closer to him, to one another, and our community. Our time on the Sunshine Coast has been bursting with thankfulness! We’re thankful to God for all that he has done and we’re thankful to you for loving us so dearly. We feel so blessed to have welcomed our first child into the world as members of the Anglican Church of Noosa. We feel privileged and humbled to have ministered alongside you all as we seek to make Christ known in this region.

Whilst there will be plenty of opportunities over the coming two months to say goodbye, my last Sunday will be on November 24. We do hope that some of you may be able to make it along to the commissioning on December 14th (more details will follow), but do realise that it is quite a trip!

The three of us are looking forward to holidaying on the Sunshine Coast and of course staying in contact. I truly believe that the coming years ahead will be very exciting for the Anglican Church of Noosa and I can’t wait to see (albeit from some distance!) all that God has in store. It has been an incredible privilege to work under the leadership of Mark and I have no doubt that God will continue to work powerfully through him and in partnership with you all.

Please be assured of our love and prayers. We would also greatly appreciate your prayers for us – that God might ready us for all that he has in store in Toowoomba and that we will know his peace amidst the move. Please also pray for the people of St Bart’s, that together we might advance the gospel for God’s glory.

In Christ,