Many of you will be aware, through media or word of mouth that Ben and Pat Johns have sold the family property to Noosa Council.  The Council has purchased it for environmental reasons but a large team of which I am a part have been working since the beginning of the year towards the possibility of this.

Many have voiced concern for the men and women and children who live there and the future for them.  However, I see the closure as a good thing; State housing and a number of NGO’s are now working to ensure that as many as want a roof over their head, will get one.  Some don’t – and are making alternate plans themselves, but others are taking advantage of the collaboration of so many organisations and individuals.  It really is very heartening to see that some who have not had a home in years will  do so now.

In next few months we expect our ministry with Johns Landing to wind up; which will bring to a close over four years of providing meals, connecting people to mental health and support groups; gifts and hampers at Christmas and Easter.

It really has been an extraordinary ministry to be a part of.  Many will need to be thanked as we finish up – and as the work concludes, I want to urge us all to do two things. Firstly, continue to pray for and support the ministry that Peter Chapman leads with so many wonderful volunteers.  Secondly, please go out of your way to thank those who have and are still involved in what we do.

We have represented our church and God really well and faithfully in this regard; your thanks will go a long way to ensuring that our volunteers know that what they have done is appreciated.

Thanks and blessings,


The Rev’d Ian Dredge