Dear friends,

It’s been a great joy to welcome Archbishop Glenn Davies and Bishop Chris Edwards to our services on Fathers’ Day. On the Sunshine Coast for the synod of the Australian Anglican church which starts at Twin Waters 3rd Sept, they both kindly agreed to come a day early and preach at our services. We also welcome Glenn’s wife Di and Chris’ wife Belinda. Thank you for opening God’s word to us this morning.

I also want to say ‘Happy Fathers’ Day’ to all dads and I trust you have had a happy day being assured of the love of your children and grandchildren. If today is tough for you because you are separated from those you love through distance or death or estrangement, I trust you will revel in our Heavenly Father’s love for you and know the peace that passes understanding.

Do you have a ‘to do’ list for those times when you have to go off to hospital? It may be throw the milk out, clear the fridge of anything that will go off, don’t forget your toothbrush, arrange for a neighbour to collect the mail. Can I ask you to add one more to the list? “Phone church office to let Mark and the team know” OR “ask son to text Mark”. There have been so many times this year when we haven’t found out someone is in hospital until a week down the track. We’d love to care for you, pray for you, visit you. So, please do let us know!

Finally, I’ve written in this column over the last two weeks, about the beauty of God’s plan for marriage and the unique oneness that only an equal and opposite male and female can bring. If you’ve been away, catch up from our web site and see many other articles and resources I’ve posted.

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