In August 2014, we launched our Vision 2020 with a desire to glorify God by making disciples as we love and serve Noosa. A significant part of the vision was the call to generously support two significant areas we deemed necessary to help us reach the vision: (1) staffing and (2) new buildings on both sites.

It was so encouraging to see our church get behind the vision in such a tangible way. Praise God we were able to fund Simon for a further three years and build two halls, one on each site.

The development of the buildings was no small feat. We were blessed to have a range of people with appropriate expertise to help guide us through the complex nature of developing plans and obtaining all the planning approvals. Working with the Diocese proved a particular challenge, as did obtaining final building certification, but here we are today to celebrate God’s goodness, your generosity, and the wonderful achievement of the buildings’ taskforce! Praise God for a wonderful result, by which we can more effectively serve God and proclaim the good news for years to come!

I particularly want to thank today the hard-working buildings taskforce: Ruth Craven, John Deshon, Peter Chapman, Petrus Habermehl, Ray Rudland and Kym Schuller. Your work is so appreciated! I want to especially mention Convenor Ruth Craven and architect John Deshon, without whom, we wouldn’t be enjoying these wonderful facilities today. May God receive the glory!


The Rev’d Mark Calder