Prepared by the Dean of Sydney, Kanishka Raffel

Father we thank you for the work of the Royal Commission over the last 5 years. We thank you for the courage of those who told their stories of broken trust and terrible suffering at the hands of those who ought to have protected and nurtured them. We acknowledge with shame that many who sought help from the Anglican Church were not believed or not heard or not helped. Lord, give us wisdom, humility and clarity of purpose as we seek to ensure that such things never happen again, and that those who bravely speak of wrongs they have suffered are heard, respected and cared for.
God our redeemer and sustainer, we pray for survivors of violence, sexual abuse and neglect. We pray for their families and others who share their pain and seek to bring comfort and healing. Heal the wounds of body and mind, free them from fear, from self-doubt, from despair. Heal their anguish and pain, and strengthen them to face the future with faith and hope in you. (Adapted from APBA)
God of justice, judge of all the earth we pray for perpetrators of abuse. Bring them to justice we pray. Turn their hearts from their evil ways. Open their eyes to the truth of the evil they have done, and through the light of Jesus Christ, bring them to deep repentance and change in their lives. (Adapted from APBA)
Father of compassion and God of all comfort, be with all those who suffer as a result of child sexual abuse whether through mental anguish, or physical, emotional or spiritual pain and suffering. Help us to protect the weak, strengthen the weary, weep with those who weep, reject and expose all forms of abuse of power or trust, and work to make our churches and organisations places of safety, respect, joy and hope.
We ask all these things in the name of Jesus Christ our crucified and risen saviour, who suffered for our sake and triumphed over evil. Amen.