Dear all

It was so good to attend the Church Missionary Society (CMS) Summer School in Katoomba this past week.

I was there with 2000 other adults and 1ooo kids (from creche to Yr 12 at school). 500 volunteers help run the conference!

The main speaker, Richard Chin, took us right through Paul’s letter to the Colossians over 7 studies. The archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, preached at the Sunday night communion. After the teaching time each morning, there is morning tea, followed by a choice of 7 missionary sessions each day when the missionaries currently in Australia for home service, share of their work explain the joys and challenges of their context. Afternoons are free but in the evening, there is an international speaker and a focus on some aspect of missionary work. All in all, the conference is uplifting, inspiring, and challenging and opens one’s eyes to God’ wider work in the world.

Did you know that CMS is sending out 20 new missionaries to various corners of the globe this year? It was very moving to hear their stories of how the Lord has brought them to this point in their lives. Some of the single women are heading into ‘secure locations’ where they will be in danger for following Jesus and yet they are undeterred!

Why not rent a cottage in Katoomba or Leura next year and join Susan and me and our family for Summer School 2019?  Dates are 5th-12th January.

The Bible teacher next year is Gary Miller, from the Queensland Theological College. He is an excellent and inspiring preacher!

Speak to me if you’d like to know more!