Give thanks to the Lord for his gracious mercy in the gift of His Son Jesus and his power in raising him to life. Praise God that he was in Christ reconciling the world to himself and that we now have forgiveness and eternal life. Pray that this Easter message will give us joy and great confidence to speak to others about Jesus. Give thanks to God for our Easter services and for all those who worked so hard with logistics over the course of the weekend.

Please pray for the work at St Andrew’s College Peregian Springs and those members of our church who work and minister there – Chris Ivey, Gary McClellan, Tim Barrett, Andrew and Brenda Lucas, Jackson Lucas, Adele Guy, Andrew Eunson and Rob Paterson. Pray that they will know the Lord’s wisdom and guidance in all they do and have the joy of seeing students, parents and other staff wrestle with the astonishing claim that Jesus is God with us!

Pray that the Lord will raise up for us a new associate minister and an administrator of children’s ministry, in his perfect timing.

Pray for those who are unwell or facing/recovering from surgery presently and for those grieving. Remember those who are no longer able to join us on Sundays.