Dear friends,

It’s important to realise that our Easter celebration continues right up to Pentecost on 21st May! So take the opportunity to draw near to our merciful Lord God and reflect again on his kindness and grace and love and power in the death and resurrection of His Son.

Easter is the sure sign that given half a chance, mankind will do away with its maker. Our rebellion started in the Garden of Eden when the first humans wanted to go it alone without God.

It was addressed in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus surrendered to his Father’s will, prepared to drink the cup of God’s wrath for the rebellion of the entire human race over all time.

At the cross, Jesus bore our sin, so we could be right with him.

At the resurrection God raised Jesus, triumphing over sin, evil and death and demonstrated that our debt had been paid in full. Those who are in relationship with Jesus now are a new creation – reconciled to God for all eternity. So, Easter is also the sure sign that God’s love for us runs so deep that he would meet us at our deepest point of need even if it meant the death of him!

I trust that as we take time in this joyful Eastertide to reflect on God’s love and mercy and Jesus’ obedience and sacrifice, we will find ourselves responding in humble praise and heartfelt gratitude.

May the Easter message inspire you, encourage you and change you!

Our grateful thanks to to all who helped with our Easter services. Reading, praying, music, candles, flowers and of course, the wonderful work of Marg Hansen and team in bringing the beach service together. Thank you!


The Rev’d Mark Calder, Minister