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From May 2018

  1. Reports on Children’s Ministry and some immediate thoughts/suggestions:

Pam Brayshaw spoke: Team using as curriculum the Energise Program and Jesus Storybook Bible – Teaching includes Bible stories, memory verses, and prayer – a fairly big team now – wanting to grow the numbers of children.  What’s working well: new leaders experimenting in their teaching reflecting and changing approaches.  Invitations to families for family-time events yielded no response to the invitation yet. Some families suffering tough times. Some needs seem to require in-depth responses – pastoral/ counsellor responses.  Other issues: Audio visual equipment playing up.  For the future: Biggest way to grow – holiday clubs and pupil free days.  More contact needed with parents, so the Dynamite team is brainstorming new ways.

We looked at Elizabeth Ivey’s letter on the Peregian Springs experience of Children’s Ministry and noted both the good work of the small team, and the honesty re the tension of insufficient volunteers for the task.  Suggestion given as response that there might be the need for more than one children’s minister.

Christine spoke about Storytime at Sunshine beach – there is a need for more volunteers – despite a willing core group of four at the moment.  The morning includes: An hour of free play; the story time song – the ABC song; serving Mum’s refreshments throughout; then the story is told; then a game (often outside); then children get a morning tea; Craft follows, related to the story that’s been read.  16 Mums and 25 kids can be noisy so sometimes the story is told outside.  Marg and Christine mix with the mothers and keep in touch with the children in their activities. 31 families are registered. Some come every week – others just once or twice a term.

Needs:  More men need to be involved – (a couple of grandpas and dads come with kids). But church men to help with heavier set up tasks like umbrellas (that also need some maintenance) would be a huge assistance. It would be nice to have enough children’s Bibles for the mothers to follow the story.  Music equipment would be great to have for the singing.

Three ideas in discussion after the presentations – Rather than have a children’s story before Dynamite, have the kids come back into the service after Dynamite to feedback what they’ve been learning – or, have a children’s song before they leave the service for Dynamite.   Other ideas included a Grandparent Day – for congregants to bring their grandchildren.  Also, prizes for kids for frequency of attendance?


  1. Our church services – what we do well, other opportunities for strengthening our corporate worship

Sunday services – the aim of this discussion is to share together the current strengths and weaknesses of our Sunday gatherings, with a view to enhancing and growing their impact and significance.

Quote on our Facebook page today – “Corporate worship is designed to expose the remaining hold the love of the world has on us and to stimulate a joyful, willing, heart and life-shaping love of God, that only comes by means of transforming grace.” Paul Tripp

Previous quotes:
‘The church is not [simply] a theological classroom. It is a conversion, confession, repentance, reconciliation, forgiveness and sanctification centre, where flawed people place their faith in Christ, gather to know and love him better, and learn to love others as he designed.’ Paul Tripp

‘The local church was never meant to be a comfortable social club that affirms people along on a journey to their “best life now.” It was meant to be a counterculture, a set-apart community embodying a radically different vision for human flourishing.’  9 Marks ministries

“Corporate worship is designed to lure you away from your little kingdom of one and enthral you again with God’s kingdom of glory and grace.” Paul Tripp (Noting You are What you Love)

The following feedback was offered from the PC members:

Strengths of our services Could be better – needs more thought
Sermons, Fellowship, Few children, youth and young adults – outreach to parents
Friendliness, welcome/ hospitality Busy life of working parents can eclipse church activity – an issue to deal with
Music, communion service Retirement mindset vs. commitment to growing the community
Challenge to grow Lack of service for families at Sunshine Beach yet church amidst three schools and family neighbourhood
Diverse contributors to the worship service Equipping contributors from the front to know how to adjust the mike at the podium
The time slot, morning tea Not good at the creative design of worship – e.g.  in music/items/drama
When liturgy, prayer, music and sermon harmonise
Humour, felt unity, Tewantin’s communion service