Christine Pearson from our 730am congregation, wrote this thoughtful response to this morning’s message from Ephesians 5:3-20

Almighty God we give thanks that we have been called out of the
darkness of ignorance, impurity and the sins of sexual immorality and
greed into the illuminating light of your grace, truth and righteousness.
Gracious Lord please give us the desire to live lives worthy of your call,
cultivating unity and purity and working towards being one holy people in
your new society.
Heavenly Father, strengthen us as we grow in our understanding of your
word through scripture, leading to changes in our priorities, lifestyle and
passions so that we can repentantly live radically different lives from the
world around us – living distinctly for you full of grace and joy.
Lord God fill us with your Holy Spirit and guide us to your will, that we
may make the most of every opportunity given to us, to show your love
and goodness to others so they may see the light of Christ your Son. Amen.

Used with permission