Dear friends,

Just under 2,000 Anglicans from around the globe gathered in Jerusalem last week for the third GAFCON.

‘What is Gafcon?’ you may well ask. The letters stand for “Global Anglican Futures Conference”. It is a movement of likeminded Anglicans which first began in 2008 when parts of the Anglican communion in USA and Canada, first decided to move away from the authority of the Bible – specifically in regard to matters of human sexuality.

The nature of the conference, was overwhelmingly positive. The catch phrase around which the inspiring teaching was based was “WE WILL PROCLAIM CHRIST FAITHFULLY TO THE NATIONS”.

The Gafcon movement seeks to inspire, train and equip Anglicans around the world to remain faithful to the gospel; to stand firm regarding the uniqueness of Jesus Christ; to proclaim the saving news of Jesus’ death and bodily resurrection; and remain true to the 1998 Lambeth statement 1.10. This upholds that faithfulness in marriage is between a man and a woman in lifelong union, and believes that abstinence is right for those who are not called to marriage. The 1998 statement also urged a  pastoral and caring response to those who are same-sex attracted.

The actions of the Episcopal Church USA, the Anglican church of Canada and the Episcopal church of Scotland in accepting same sex marriage as something which God blesses, has torn the fabric of the Anglican communion.

And yet, the Gafcon movement represents 50 million of the 70 million Anglicans worldwide. So the majority of Anglicans want to stick with Biblical and historic Christian teaching! Praise God!


The Rev’d Mark Calder