Give thanks to God for Jo’s ministry among us and pray for God’s blessing on her future ministry. Pray that women touched and inspired by Jo’s ministry will go on to love and serve the Lord. Pray for wisdom for Mark and the wardens as they discuss future staffing for our church.

Pray that we will become a people of prayer rejoicing in all the Lord has done for us and depending on him to provide all we need to love, serve and honour him.

Give thanks to God for the riches of his grace towards us in the Lord Jesus and for his grace which sustains our trust in him day by day. Pray that we’ll be clear and confident in our forgiveness and eternal life because of what Jesus has done for us.

Pray for those teaching RI – for wisdom, creativity, patience, love, truth.

Pray for Generate Youth – remaining Term 3 dates are 10th and 24th August – on Friday evenings at Peregian. Pray for Jackson Lucas and all the leaders. .

Pray for the appointment of an associate minister – especially as Mark is in close discussions with a possible candidate for this role presently.