We’ve been invited to join with some members of Noosa Baptist to visit Margie in Thailand after Christmas to help visit schools and tell kids about Jesus and Christmas.

VERY roughly – here’s an indicative plan:from 26th December to 4th January.

26th Arrival BKK

27th Arrival Pattaya, Orientation of the center, prepare for school event

28th Christmas Outreach at school number 8 This is a BIG day. The program will all be English with Thai translation as one of the reasons for going will be to teach English. So don’t worry about the language barrier. We will try to fit in 3 groups of 90 minute sessions. 80 – 100 kids per group. Sessions would look like: 10 mins Team introductions 15 mins Songs- We wish you a merry Christmas Thai/ English Happy Birthday Jesus 15 mins Christmas Story (Margie will do this with power point. I will model the 1st session others can do it after!) 40 mins Activities: Kids will be broken up into 4 larger groups. Your team and our staff will be assigned to each group. Each group will play a Christmas game and make an angel craft. 10 mins Songs, prayer Each class will go back to their room with a cake to share and colouring page. We will prepare it all, just giving you an idea of what it looks like.

29th Kid’s Club, Church

30th Day to explore the city with Margie

31st Prison, preschool

1st Painting a wall at Hand to Hand

2nd Slums, pre school

3rd Prisons, pre school

4th Depart… or?

Noosa Baptist pastor Mike Alcock is the point person and his email is mike.alcock101@gmail.com.  Contact directly to express an interest and find out more information.