This year, all the Noosa churches are working more closely for the annual outdoor carols event in the Noosaville Lions Park on Gympie Terrace on Sunday 16th December.

Here’s a note from the director of music for the event:

We would like to extend an opportunity for any musicians and singers to audition for our Carols band and vocal group. We would love to have as many churches involved as possible. The night includes around 20 songs, including kids’ songs, a couple of items and many classic favourites as we aim to have a high level of crowd participation. 

Band rehearsals are held Saturdays throughout October, November and early December in the Noosa Church main auditorium starting from Sat 6th Oct. Vocalists meet Tuesday nights in the Noosa Church Cafe also starting early October. We combine band and singers towards the end of November and we hold mid-week full run throughs for the last 2 weeks leading up to the event. The full run throughs will be held on the Tuesday and Thursday nights in Noosa Church main auditorium. 

This event will suit experienced musicians and singers, who can commit to the rehearsal schedule and have a competent skill level in their area of participation whether it be musicianship, melody or harmony singing. 

If you have musicians and singers who are interested in auditioning this year I would love to catch up and chat about it some more. Please shoot me an email to and I will be sure to get in touch.