Dear Friends

A couple of weeks back, I said to Mike* in an email – “brother, if this gets too much, we would understand if you need to look for a position in Melbourne for next year.”  He thanked me very much but wanted to hang on in there to see if there was a response from the Archbishop of Melbourne. Sadly there has been none and for the sake of his wife and family, Mike called this week to say that he now needs to move on and explore local options. Of course I said that I completely understood and would join him in praying for the right role for him.

There are so many ways in which this is disappointing. And yet – in other ways – we must and can trust our wise sovereign God and his good plans for us. In fact at the end of our first video call, Mike and I prayed together, “Lord, if this is not of you, please close the doors, but if this is your plan, please keep opening the doors.” It would seem that God has closed the doors and so our response must surely be, ‘thank you Lord for answered prayer.’

Join me in praying that Mike will find the right role for him and continue praying for our church that the Lord in his kindness will send us the right person.

In fellowship




Original post from 4th Nov

Dear Friends

Some of you are aware that we have been trying to secure the appointment of a young minister from Melbourne. Mike* first approached me at the end of June and following a lengthy video call with him I came to the conclusion that he would be a great fit to take up leadership of the ministry at Peregian and assist across the whole church.

Susan and I met Mike and his wife in Melbourne in July when we were there for holidays and we were both impressed and encouraged. Chris and Elizabeth Ivey saw Mike in action in his church and were impressed that he was very much a people person.

However, in our denomination, the movement of clergy between diocese is not always straightforward because the Anglican Church of Australia is in essence a fellowship of 23 independent diocese. The bishops have an agreement that they will not approach any clergy unless they have been in their present role for four years. Mike has only been ordained and in his present role 3 years. Long story short, the Archbishop of Brisbane (who must agree to Mike’s appointment here) said that Mike must seek the approval of the Archbishop of Melbourne to be released. Meanwhile Mike was being advised by his bishop that it was not he who must seek approval but the Archbishop of Brisbane!

The wardens and I brought Mike up for an interview in October and our local bishop (Jeremy) was also impressed. Nevertheless, the standoff about who needs to seek permission from whom continued!

Meanwhile our Archbishop wanted us to take a trainee minister full time, but I didn’t feel I could manage training a new minister unless I also had an associate.  So – Mike has now asked the Archbishop of Melbourne’s approval and we are still waiting to hear! Please pray!

God is good, and we trust his perfect plans – and his timing!

Mark   The Rev’d Mark Calder

Mike is not his real name