Dear friends,

With the return of school, the new year is now well and truly underway.

I want to encourage you as members of our church to four commitments (as you are able):

  1. Weekly attendance at church. It is such a precious privilege! Don’t let interstate visitors or a kids’ party stop you: this is way too special! Just make it a non-negotiable. You’ll find great joy in so doing!
  2. Participation in a connect group. What a privilege!! To spend time with others exploring Sunday’s message and wrestling with the implications!
  3. One act of serving: church cannot happen without volunteering and again, it’s a joy to serve the Lord in one way or another.
  4. Generous giving. I always start with 10% of income as a base line. It is not mandated in the New Testament, but I think generosity at least starts there! Please consider your church giving via the internet to reduce the need to count and bank cash, or use ‘tap and go’ at Tewantin and soon at Peregian!

Will you prayerfully consider these four fundamentals of church life? What great blessings we will see if we are involved in this way.

Finally, I want to thank Elizabeth Ivey for leading the kids’ work at Peregian since we began. What an amazing effort! Susan Calder has taken up that role and so has transferred to Peregian. As we  await a pastor at Peregian, I will be leading and preaching there, every other week. Please pray!


The Rev’d Mark Calder