Minister writes

Dear friends,

Throughout this year parish council have been studying the whole subject of discipleship. Having stated in our Vision 2020 document that we exist to make disciples (of Jesus), we have acknowledged with some sadness that we haven’t seen many brand-new disciples here the last few years.

Let me share briefly what we have seen so far:

  1. What is a disciple? We saw in this study that a disciple is a life-long learner of the teachings of Jesus. A disciple of Jesus, continually wrestles with the teaching of Jesus, so that we know him well and grow in his likeness.
  2. Why make disciples? We saw in this study that we do not seek to make disciples so that we might have more people in church! Rather we saw (and were blown away by this) that we make disciples as part of God’s rescue of humanity!! God has a plan to make for himself, a people who love and obey him and are in the closest of all relationships. And he wonderfully uses us to do this saving work in the world.
  3. How are disciples made? In this study we saw that disciples are made as God’s Bible is read and explained. God does his saving work through His Word. God opens people’s eyes through the work of the Holy Spirit, to see who Jesus is and what he has done for them.

We’ve been excited by all we’ve seen and we’re glad Kevin Simington will return in October to teach us all about discipleship in our Term 4 sermon series.



The Rev’d Mark Calder, minister