Titus 3 – Dear Titus… be ready to do good

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How do you feel about the expression ‘born again Christian’? Is that how you would describe yourself?

Saved from ourselves

Read Titus 3:3

Verse 3 describes our sinful nature rather than our sinful behaviours.

  1. Why do we find this so uncomfortable?
  2. Why is it important to reflect on these attitudes honestly with ourselves and with God?
  3. To ‘be enslaved’ sounds dramatic and alien to our ears, but we can be enslaved by anything that has become our personal idol, when a good thing becomes and ultimate thing, that draws us away from our worship of God our Saviour.
  4. What pre-occupies your time, thoughts or energy that be ‘enslaving you’?

Saved by Jesus our Saviour

Read Titus 3:4-8

  1. How should we respond to God’s kindness?
  2. What is the significance of the Holy Spirit in God’s work of salvation?
  3. How might this change the way we pray for our non-believing friends and family?
  4. What does Paul mean in verse 8 by ‘these things’?
  5. What will it look like to be devoted to good things?

Saved to do good

Read Titus 3:8-15

Titus 3 encourages us to stress ‘these things’ the gospel and avoid controversies but often we find that we stress controversies and avoid the gospel.

  1. How might a conversation with a non-Christian friend about our Prime Minister’s declared Christian faith fall into either pattern?
  2. If there is division within a church how does Titus 3:10 encourage us to resolve it?
  3. Titus 3 encourages us to do good in the context of everyday life.
  4. Why do we find quarrels and controversies so attractive?
  5. What makes it difficult to avoid quarrels and controversies?
  6. What implications do these verses have for Christians who have strong social or political views?
  7. What will motivate you be ready and devoted to doing good? How will these verses encourage you if you are met with malice or envy?
  8. We are all different. What will a ‘productive life’ look like for you? (verse 14)