Download the PDF here for the questions AND Kevin’s three talk outlines

Connect group questions

Prayer is hard; the power of prayer; persistence in prayer

  1. What is the very best thing about prayer?

Prayer is hard

  1. Have a look at Kevin’s seven suggested reasons prayer is hard and see which one/s you most closely relate to?
  2. Kevin then gave us five ways to develop a stronger desire to pray. Which of these do you find most helpful? Do you consider you can use these now?
  3. Why is ‘reading God’s word’ one of the ways our prayer will be enlivened?
  4. Have you tried the 5-minute prayer challenge? Do you think it would be helpful?

The power of prayer

Key components of the prayer of faith: There is a God (Hebrews 11:6), God can hear my prayers (Psalm 139:4), God can answer my prayers (Ephesians 3:20), God wants to answer my prayer (John 14L13-14), God will answer my prayer (James 1:6-7)

  1. Kevin said praying in Jesus’ name is an important condition to our prayers being answered. How did Kevin explain this term?
  2. What sort of things can we pray about with absolute confidence that we will receive that for which we have asked? What sort of things will we pray, trusting in God’s wisdom and ability to answer, but unsure of his will?
  3. Share some wonderful answers to prayer you’ve experienced.

Persistence in prayer

Read Luke 18:1-8 and Matthew 15:21-28

  1. What is the message of the persistent widow story?
  2. Why do you think we need to persist in prayer?
  3. Why did Jesus hold out on the Canaanite woman wanting healing for her daughter?
  4. How might our prayers impact what is happening in the (largely unknown) spiritual realm?


  1. What stood out for you from the three talks?
  2. How have you determined to change in regard to prayer as a result of the series?


Pray that we increasingly become a people gripped and convinced by the power and privilege of prayer!