Dear God, I’m not a very good Christian

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  1. Has this ever been your phrase – or how you feel? Under what circumstances?
  2. What were the two categories of people Mark and Chris suggested, typically use such a phrase?

Mark said that the question is not whether you a very good Christian, but:

Have you been rescued? Read: Romans 10:9-13

  1. Declaring with your mouth and believing in your heart are together, to be taken as our response to the Lord Jesus. Why do you think the heart and the mouth are linked in this way?
    See Matthew 12:34.
  2. Why do we need rescuing? What do we need rescuing from?
  3. What is it about the statement ‘I don’t think I’m a very good Christian’ that misses the point about what being a Christian is?
  4. Someone has said that religion can be spelt “DO” because it is all about what people must do. But Christianity is spelt DONE because it is all about what Jesus has done. How would you go about explaining this to someone who you suspect is not actually a Christian but says to you “I don’t think I’m a very good Christian”?

Are you responding appropriately? Read: Romans 12:1-8

  1. Ever been rescued from certain death? Or know someone who has? What was the impact?
  2. What does ‘offer your bodies as living sacrifices’ mean?
  3. A new Christian is so excited by their new life in Jesus and their rescue from sin and death. They ask you – ‘how can I possibly show my thanks for all the Lord has done for me?’ How would you answer?
  4. Why do we often reduce our understanding of worship, to what we do for an hour on Sunday morning? What have many people missed by thinking that worshipping God equals church?
  5. From Romans 12:2, how can we ensure that we know God’s will for us?
  6. A friend from church says to you, ‘I’m not a very good Christian compared to you – look at all you do – you even help out on Sundays and go to a connect group’. How would you respond?
  7. What sort of difficulties do we get in to if we compare ourselves with other Christians? What teaching in this passage are we ignoring when we do so?


  1. What will you take away from this message/these passages?


Pray that by knowing we are rescued, we may never say again, “I don’t think I’m a very good Christian”.

Pray that we’ll understand that the beautiful response to our rescue is to offer ourselves to God as living sacrifice and to one another as servant, using the gifts God has given.