Dear God, my kids don’t want to know about you

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  1. Is this question a real and current one for you right now? If you feel you can, share with the group.
  2. Why might this issue be the most difficult of the ‘Dear God’ series?

Mark said that we need first to do some Biblical theology together, before looking at some practical implications. “Biblical Theology” looks at the sweep of God’s purposes throughout the Bible’s story line.

Covenant kids

Mark said that in the relationship between the old and new covenants between God and his people, some aspects continued, and others didn’t.

  1. Under the old covenant, how were kids raised with regard to their relationship with God?
  2. Under the new covenant, how are kids to be raised with regard to their relationship with God?
  3. When we read in Acts 2:39, Peter assure people that God’s promises are to us and to our children, who is he talking to and what does he mean?
  4. When we read in Acts 16:15 and 16:33 that whole households were baptised, who do we understand was included as being part of the ‘household’?
  5. Imagine a young Jewish dad under the old covenant, holding off circumcising his boy because he intends to wait and see if he wants to become a Jew. What is the rest of the family saying to him?
  6. A young Christian dad, under the new covenant, is holding off baptising his kids, because he wants to wait and see if they want to be Christian. What would you say to him, if what Mark is arguing, is correct?

At home

  1. If kids in a Christ-honouring home, are recipients of God’s promises, and the kingdom of God belongs to such as theses, what are the implications for how we raise them?
  2. What was Mark and Susan’s approach if kids didn’t want to go to church with them as a family? Do you find Mark and Susan’s approach helpful or from another planet?

Left home

  1. How ought we relate to adult kids raised in a Christ-honouring home, who never attend church?
  2. What if you weren’t a Christian when your kids were at home, or you realise you weren’t all that intentional with them? What did Mark suggest you do? (You may find it helpful to reread this section of the message).
  3. How might you show your kids how precious and important the Lord Jesus is?
  4. How did Mark suggest we handle the pain and burden we feel – both for Christians kids who are disobedient and for non-Christian kids we love, who we’d love to see come to know Jesus?
  5. What will you take away from this message?


Pray that we’ll claim God’s promises for our kids who grew up or are growing up in a Christ-honour home. Pray that we’ll trust the Lord also for children who did not grow up knowing the Lord.