Dear God

Points arising from our “Dear God” sermon series

CHURCH – that we’ll joyfully realise our part in church

REAL – that when we doubt God, we’ll look to Jesus

CARE – that we’ll pour out our hearts to God

PROMISES – that we’ll see the promises God has kept so far!

NOT A GOOD CHRISTIAN – that we’ll rejoice in our rescue and respond faithfully to his mercy

OUR KIDS – that we’ll trust God’s promises to us for our kids

For new minister

Faithful preacher of God’s word

…who will equip and inspire us all for ministry

…who will faithfully love and care for us

…who will lead us in promoting the gospel

…who will lead corporate worship with sensitivity

…who will rebuild a staff team to open a new chapter

…who will be acceptable to the archbishop and bishop

Pray for parish and diocesan nominators – work together well

Diocese of Bathurst

Give thanks for the many who want new gospel shaped change

Pray that Mark will inspire clear Gospel proclamation

Pray that Mark will model good Bible teaching

Pray that Mark will inspire, equip and encourage the pastors

Pray for the response to those sexually abused

Pray for wisdom for Mark in the many decisions he’ll face

Pray for Mark and Susan as they plan their transition

Our mission partners


2.Nathan and Diane – Capetown

3.The Bush Church Aid Society – new director Greg Harris

4.SU Chaplains – Lisa –

5.Samaritan Care – and Val as coordinator

6.The Bush Mission Fund – Rick and Tracey – way out west