With a PDF here so you can print and use these prayers, to inspire your own 

Simon Manchester – for Mark’s role

Heavenly Father, we thank you for Mark and Susan and this new door of opportunity. Please provide in every way for the work they enter into.

We ask that you would give to Mark a clear Biblical mind, a warm pastoral heart and all the grace that is need for leading and loving the people in Bathurst.

May he be conscious of your going before him, your arms around and underneath him and your great power, wisdom and loving ruling over all things.

Please increase the leaders and disciples, the resources and the gidts, the fellowship and the mission – and in Mark’s life the joy and strength to see Christ honoured in Bathurst and beyond.

In the name of our King and Saviour – Jesus Christ – Amen.


Brett Watterson – for revival across Bathurst Diocese

God of all creation, we pray for a stirring of your Holy Spirit in the hearts of your people throughout the world that we may proclaim the Good News of Jesus with a renewed desire to see others come into your Kingdom. We especially pray this evening for your people of the Anglican Church in Central and Western NSW – the Diocese of Bathurst and our bishop, Mark. Give us, we pray – humility, courage and a greater desire to be your people of hope, promise and the healing grace of Jesus as a witness of your presence in the communities in which we live, work and play. Revive your Church, draw the people of this land and the nations unto yourself, for the glory of your name. Amen.


Meredith Hatcher – for Mark and Susan and family in a time of change

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, thank you for your faithful care of Mark and Susan, Phillip, Emily and Michael and for in laws Anthony and Sidney and grandchildren Mackenzie and Charlie. We praise you for their faith and love for the Lord Jesus. Please strengthen them to hold unswervingly to the hope they profess.

Now as they face times of change, protect and strengthen their relationships, even across distance, and help them find creative opportunities for closeness.

Give them resilience, courage and comfort in the changes ahead – especially when they feel the pain of separation. Grant them the peace and assurance of your loving presence and activity in their lives.

Help them to live lives marked by obedience, trust, gratitude and prayerful dependence on you – our Father Almighty; in Jesus’ name, Amen


Rob Copland – for a new minister for the Anglican Church of Noosa

Father of all mercies, look with favour on the people of the Anglican Church of Noosa from where Mark and Susan have left.

  • Please keep them in Christ.
  • Fuel their desire to keep serving Christ as they fondly remember Mark’s ministry amongst them.
  • Uphold their love for each other.
  • Give them an open door for the gospel in their community
  • Equip them with everything they need to do your will.
  • Protect them, good Lord, from any who would rob them of their secure standing in the gospel.

We ask you Lord that you quickly provide a pastor who will faithfully:

  • Teach them the scriptures
  • Point them to Christ in the scriptures
  • Shepherd them in godly living and
  • Maintain their hope in heaven.

We pray this for Jesus’ sake, Amen.