Pray for those who are unwell: Heather, Jack, Lauraine, Neville, Liz, Tony, John, Pauline, Jan, Trevor, Harvey, Max.

Pray for a new minister for us – asking the Lord to overrule the process and use the presentation board and archbishop to bring us just the right person in his perfect timing. Pray that we might remain prayerful, peaceful and trusting.

Please pray for our church – that we will not lose heart or focus or passion for the Lord Jesus as we wait the appointment of a new minister. May we learn to pray, to wait patiently and to pastor one another in the meantime! May we continue to look for every opportunity to share the news of Jesus with others!

Thank our Lord God for great Lenten studies being prepared for us with the Rev’d Mike Raiter taking us through chapters 26-27 of Matthew’s Gospel!

Pray that through our mission partners, God’s love in Christ will be powerfully made known!

This month we are featuring:

Jan 5 – CMS
Jan 12 – Margie
Jan 19 – Scripture Union
Jan 26 – BMF

Please pray for Gary McClellan, Peter Bloomfield, Ruth Craven, Gavin Crossley, and Ray Albrecht, preaching over January and give thanks for John Graham-Freeman helping with communion.