Talk 2
It is Written
Matthew 26:17-35

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Discussion questions

Warm up

  1. How would you do in a television quiz show? What would be your chosen specialty?
  2. Many people believe in some sort of blind fate. We won’t find that in our Bibles, but we will find that the hand of God is sovereign in everything. He is the God of our world and our lives. What is the difference between blind fate and the sovereign hand of God?

Read Matthew 26:17-35

Looking at the text

  1. Why did the disciples ask Jesus where they would like them to make preparations for “you” to celebrate the Passover (v17)? Wouldn’t we expect the disciples to ask where preparations should be made for us to celebrate the Passover?
  2. v18 – what is the ‘appointed time’ to which Jesus refers?
  3. During the meal, Jesus shares some shocking news: one of his own disciples would betray him. What was the disciples’ reaction? See v22.
  4. So, who was responsible for Judas betraying Jesus? Judas or God?
  5. How did Mike explain the significance of what Jesus did with the bread and the wine?
  6. v31 – A quote from Zechariah 13:7 I will strike the shepherd. How are we to understand the significance of Jesus quoting this text at this point?

Reflecting on what it means for us

Read Romans 8:28. God works through all the events of our lives for our ultimate good, which is our salvation. Though sometimes, it’s hard to see that and we wonder if God IS in control!  Yet God works through betrayal, sin, deceit, lies! We see it right throughout the Bible!

  1. Read 2 Corinthians 5:18-19 – what was the great aim and outcome of God’s sovereign work in the death of Jesus? See v21 for the explanation of how this was possible. Discuss your reaction.
  2. What is the best course of action, when we find ourselves doubting or questioning God’s sovereign plans for us?

It is written. Will you trust the written plans and purposes of our God?

Are you moved and thankful for all God was at work to do, to bring about our forgiveness and reconciliation? Will you trust him, that all things work together for good, for those who love him?