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Professional development

by Mark Calder

Professional development – important for clergy too! Mark will be on clergy conference on 12-15 Aug at the RACV resort at Noosa and at the Ridley college preaching conference in Marysville (Victoria) on 20-22 Aug, where he has been asked to bring a word of encouragement as the after-dinner speaker at the conference dinner. Please […]

Office unattended

by Mark Calder

Office unattended – as Fiona undergoes a hip replacement on 12th August, please note that the office may be unattended over the three weeks that follow. Please leave a message for Mark, which will he will return soon as possible.

Connect group questions

by Mark Calder

Download the PDF (which includes the text of the sermon) here Connect group questions Dear God, do I have to go to church? 1 Peter 2:4-5; 9-10, 1 Corinthians 12:12-20, Hebrews 10:19-25 What does the question reveal about how the questioner views church? Why might people ask this question? Why did Mark suggest that the […]

Prayer – weekend in

by Mark Calder

Listen to the talks here: Talk 1 – why is prayer so hard? Talk 2 – the power of prayer Talk 3 – persistence in prayer And here is the talk from weekend-in dinner.

Samaritan’s care – current needs

by Mark Calder

Samaritan Care JULY/AUGUST shopping list This is only a suggested list, all donations greatly appreciated Things we NEED –   Supermarket or Live Life Pharmacy Gift Cards Brown Rice (microwaveable) Tinned Tuna (Springwater) Tinned Soup (Chunky) Healthy Snack Foods Fruit Juice Tinned lentils, red kidney beans, chic peas Baby wipes Long life SKIM and FULL […]

Giving – a follow up post

by Mark Calder

Revelling in the grace of giving Our giving is a reflection of what God’s grace means to us. (a) In the Old Testament you may be familiar with God’s outward command to give back a tenth of what was received. The law said: “be sure to set aside a tenth”(Deuteronomy 14:22) “to the Levites (priests) […]