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Easter services

by Mark Calder

So Jesus died. (Good Friday) Jesus came back from death. (Easter Day) SO WHAT? What’s it about? Why the long weekend? What difference does it make? Why does it matter? Please join us over Easter to find out! Below are all the details and maps to our sites and contact details can be found here. AND DON’T MISS: Our dawn […]


by Mark Calder

Are you on Facebook? Would you please like our Facebook page and then share our photo with all the details of our Easter services? That will help spread the word. Thank you!

730am next Sunday – with our Easter choir

by Mark Calder

Next Sunday at 730am will be a very special service of Morning Prayer with a special Easter choir. The rehearsal this morning showed the beautiful skill and musicality of the choir directed by Michael Calder and accompanied by Chris Ivey.  

Questions – PDF now available

by Mark Calder

When we uploaded the audio of this morning’s talk, we didn’t make the PDF of the small group questions and sermon notes available. They have now been linked with the sermon.  

New ministry opportunities

by Mark Calder

The plans towards 3rd May public launch of our new congregation at Peregian are in full swing. Coordinators for various ministry areas such as children’s ministry, youth ministry, welcoming and hospitality, logistics, music etc have emerged and they are gathering with those who have volunteered in that area to begin preparations. At a training day […]

You and your church

by Mark Calder

“Find a good local church, get involved, become a member, stay there for the long haul. Put away thoughts of revolution for a while and join the plodding visionaries. Go to church this Sunday and worship there in spirit and truth, be patient with your leaders, rejoice when the gospel is faithfully proclaimed, bear with […]