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Ash Wednesday

by Mark Calder

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. This 40 day run up to Easter has been around from centuries as candidates for baptism on Easter Day prepared themselves. Some Christians find this a helpful way to reflect, to pray, to fast, to read, to meditate on Scripture and so reflect on the death and resurrection […]

Annual meeting

by Mark Calder

Our annual meeting next Saturday is always significant. Who’s it for? You! That is, if you attend here, you share with everyone who attends, the responsibility to be good stewards of all that has been entrusted to us: the ministry, the finances and our plant. Please join us to elect leaders, receive reports and look […]

Using your gifts

by Mark Calder

How blessed are we all to have such a supportive and vibrant church community: clear Bible teaching, godly leaders; friendly people; encouraging events; and a  great sense of community! There are many activities and tasks that could do with some extra help from you. Have you ever thought of becoming a regular or part-time volunteer […]

Youth group

by Mark Calder

Dear Friends The youth group for our parish (for all in years 7-12) begins again on Sunday 14th February at 5pm at our Tewantin site. Can I be bold? This group has struggled over the last couple of years in part because our own church families have not encouraged or facilitated their young people to […]

A new year at church is under way!

by Mark Calder

Dear friends I trust and pray this year will be one of significant growth for you as you take part in the life of our church. My vision for each and every one of us is that we might: make Sunday worship an unbreakable commitment; find some small (or great!) way to serve; in 1st […]

Men’s breakfast address

by Mark Calder

A recording of the talk at the Men’s breakfast on 30th Jan is available on request. Please email mark@anglicanchurchnoosa.org   

New sermon series

by Mark Calder
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Our new sermon series is “Walking with Jesus to Jerusalem” and begins at all services on 7th Feb. We will cover the account from when Jesus says “we are going up to Jerusalem” in Luke 18, right through to his dramatic arrival, arrest, trial, crucifixion, resurrection and post resurrection appearances.  Luke 18:31-24:53. It will be an […]

Annual Meeting

by Mark Calder

This year, at our new Peregian Springs site – in the Studio of St Andrew’s Anglican College. We’ll review and give thanks for the highlights of 2015 and look forward to 2016 with anticipation. 3.30pm-4.45pm, Saturday 13 February.

Follow up – Lord’s prayer series

by Mark Calder

Mark Calder came across this article this week and thought it was a good follow up to all we learnt in the Lord’s Prayer series before Christmas. We hope it’s a refresher and reminder for you. At some point in our life, we had to memorize The Lord’s Prayer, but just in case you need […]