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Vision 2020 launched!

by Mark Calder

Vision 2020 launched on Saturday night 16th August. With over 130 present and in the context of  a wonderful meal provided and prepared by parish council, we heard an exciting presentation of what our church might look like by 2020 and what we need to to get there. See here for all the details.

How to grow as a Christian

by Mark Calder

Are you quite new in following Christ? Are you wishing your faith was stronger? Here are five things that should help you 1. ARE YOU CLEAR? Do you know what it means to be a Christian and do you know why you are a Christian? A Christian is someone who has come to realise two great […]

Vision 2020 launch

by Mark Calder

August 16: Vision 2020 Launch What sort of church do we plan on being by 2020? We have a great church presently! But the potential and opportunities ahead are exciting. Parish Council has spent the last 9 months working out how we can best fulfil Jesus’ commission to ‘make disciples’. We’re excited to share this […]

Ian Farrington – now with the Lord

by Mark Calder

Ian died around 11am this morning (Tuesday 29th July), surrounded by Michelle and children and friends. Please give thanks to the Lord for Ian’s presence now with the Lord Jesus and pray for the family as they grieve and make plans for a funeral. Check back here for details which are yet to be worked […]

Synod: election results

by Mark Calder

Every third year is an election synod. The Rector was elected as one of three Diocesan nominators. They help vacant parishes search for and nominate the name of a new minister to the Archbishop. The Reverend Adam Lowe was elected to Diocesan Council and both Mark and Adam were elected to the Archbishop’s election panel. […]

Service for Graeme Dwyer

by Mark Calder

Around 300 people gathered for a service for Graeme Dwyer on Friday 18th July. It was an uplifting time as we gave thanks to God for one of life’s true gentlemen. For your interest, you’ll find the order of service here. You’ll find our minister’s opening remarks, setting the context for the service here. You’ll […]