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Our 2020 vision has been 2000 years in the making! That is, the church has a mission set by Jesus himself – to make disciples!

That surely has to be what we are on about as a church. We ought to be longing and praying and planning to see more and more people come into a relationship with Jesus, depending on him as their Saviour and serving him as their Lord.

The Bible is clear that God gives the growth, and yet he marvellously uses us in that work. We need to be strategic as his fellow workers, making the most of the resources and opportunities he has given us.

This vision document sets out how we plan to make disciples through:

  1. Clear and systematic Bible teaching
  2. Our Sunday services
  3. Promoting the gospel
  4. Small groups
  5. Welcoming and community
  6. Targeted men’s and women’s ministry
  7. Targeted youth’ and children’s ministry

Clear and Systematic Bible Teaching

By 2020:

  • Our ministers preach compelling and engaging sermons that explain and apply the Bible, proclaim the gospel and are supported by reading notes and discussion questions for our small groups
  • We have an adult education program that offers a range of learning opportunities based on need
  • Our children’s and youth ministries include programs for age- appropriate Bible teaching
  • We have a variety of smaller opportunities which support learning from one another e.g. forums for debate, fellowship groups, Bible reading mentors – one-on-one
  • Two or three times a year we run major Bible-based study series, teaching days and training days
  • All our programs are designed to encourage further curiosity and a desire to learn more


By 2020:

  • We run at least 9 services across three different sites each week; our services offer a range of different worship styles and the worship spaces are usually packed
  • Whilst the majority of our services are on a Sunday, we also offer some services on other days of the week
  • Our services regularly include reverent and joyful celebration of the sacraments through which people draw closer to God
  • Some of our regular services are specifically designed for youth and young people
  • Our larger services are typically aimed at a maximum of 200 people; where we anticipate growth beyond this number we tend to add further services
  • We also run satellite opportunities for worship for people in outlying regions or for people who are unable to travel to one of our worship centers e.g. nursing homes, retirement villages, regional communities

Promoting the Gospel

By 2020:

  • Our congregation has a heart for seeing the Gospel spread and is equipped to give an answer for the hope they have
  • We have a team of gifted people who are trained and empowered to be evangelists
  • We have a variety of “soft entry” events to reach people through means other than church attendance e.g. community outreach activities, social events, presence at Noosa festivals
  • Our Bible Teaching program includes invitational opportunities for “not-yet” Christians
  • We have at least one specific outreach (invitational) sermon series each year
  • We love and care for those in need in Noosa and beyond, demonstrating God’s love and care. We are known for our good deeds
  • We partner with mission and aid agencies here and overseas through prayer and giving
  • Our programs are supported by high quality advertising

Small Groups

By 2020:

  • Our small groups are marked by discussion centred on the Bible, prayer, praise and mutual support and deepening relationships
  • Some of our small groups are targeted at specific locations and/or demographics
  • Our small group members are highly committed to their group such that attendance is exemplary and the depth of relationship and care for one another is well recognised
  • Our small groups are involved in community service activities
  • Our small groups host regular events to which they invite non-Christians
  • We provide regular training opportunities for both existing and new small group leaders
  • We understand the development phases that a small group will go through and have training and mechanisms in place to support this

Welcoming and Community

By 2020:

  • Our entire congregation see themselves as welcomers. It’s part of our culture
  • We have a clear process for welcoming which supports newcomers until they are fully integrated members of our church community
  • The layout of our building entries and worship spaces are specifically planned to enable good welcoming
  • We regularly hold social events and our congregation values these as opportunities to develop and deepen relationships
  • Our deepening relationships reflect our desire for genuine and deep Christian fellowship and a sense of partnership in the work of the gospel

Targeted   men’s and women’s ministry

By 2020:

  • We offer specific men’s and women’s ministries that enable all our members to be equipped, taught, trained, encouraged and cared for in ways that recognise and respond to gender specific needs
  • We recognise the sub-groups within our membership and offer programs for men and women who attend as singles and for spouses who are not yet church members
  • Some of our outreach events are specifically gender-targeted

Targeted youth’ and children’s ministry

By 2020:

  • We offer a whole range of different activities and events for our children and youth, including Dynamite, Holiday Kids Club, Storytime, SUPA club, 630 and a weekly after-school club
  • Our programs are streamed covering pre-school to senior high
  • We have trained leaders and a committed team that is passionate about children and youth
  • Our young people are taught, nurtured and pastored to become young disciples
  • We hold regular services specifically targeted at youth and young adults
  • We run targeted youth events both for evangelism and discipleship
  • We have a strong youth music ministry and a children’s choir
  • We have a strong presence in our local schools and a partnership with the school chaplains such that young families are referred to our church and chaplains help identify needs to which our church can respond
  • We have strong links and a clear partnership with St Andrew’s Anglican College
  • We run a playgroup and associated with this we offer young parents groups and training

For this to happen by 2020

We need:

Prayer – we need to come to God with thanksgiving for his work in our midst and prayer that as we partner with him in his gospel work, he would give the growth. We need to pray that he will grow us all into clear and uncompromising disciples who are involved in making more disciples.

Ownership – this might be the parish council’s work but it has to be our vision – your vision. You need to embrace it, own it, pray for it, work for it and give to it. You need to prayerfully discern your part in it and encourage everyone else as they take their part.


Staff team – this vision will necessitate us growing our staff team. We cannot do this without retaining Simon and then adding to the existing team a youth minister and a women’s pastor. See the following pages for all the details.

Rector – has the responsibility for leadership in the church by Bible teaching, equipping and freeing others for their ministry, developing and growing the staff team and generally overseeing the work.

Associate – works closely with the Rector but has a number of portfolios such as oversight of small groups, welcoming and integration, pastoral care and in 2015 will oversee the new congregation at Peregian Springs.

Administrator – provides administrative and secretarial support to the rector and all staff, oversees publications and orders of service, puts together the projection material for each service, processes all the wedding, baptism and funeral administration and oversees communication of rosters etc.

Children’s minister – oversees and seeks to grow all our children’s work across the parish including Dynamite, Storytime, Religious instruction in state schools, SUPA clubs, holiday kids’ clubs. Seeks out and trains up leaders, oversees curriculum, pastors families and creates evangelistic opportunities.

Youth Minister – seeks to pick up when young people leave the realm of children’s ministry and head into high school. Grows a vibrant youth ministry, begins an evening youth service and trains up the next generation of leaders.

Women’s pastor – disciples women as she meets with them to read the Bible and pray, arranges a central women’s Bible study and seeks to run evangelistic events for women. Likely to be a part-time role.

Buildings – we need better facilities on both sites. At Sunshine Beach we have needed a kitchen and a hall, better toilets, an office and an enclosed safe area for children to play. At Tewantin, at the bare minimum we need to double the size of the hall for our growing youth and children’s ministry.

There is so much potential on both sites and in fact a Buildings Taskforce commissioned last year by Parish Council identified a whole range of potential projects to add to or modify the current buildings on both sites. Parish Council has prioritised two of these projects as being key enablers to achieving our 2020 Vision.

New Hall at Sunshine Beach

Addition of a hall, kitchen, office and additional toilet next to the North East wall of the church. An area adjacent to the extension would be hard-paved and covered with a shade structure providing additional socialising space and a covered link to the church verandah.


Extension of the Hall at Tewantin

Extension to the Butler St end to provide a large indoor space flowing from the existing hall. Could be operated as a single large L-shaped room or be sub-divided into two to four separate spaces. External landscaping would double the size of the verandah and place much of it under shade.


How can I get involved?

These plans need to be substantially, if not wholly, funded from contributions from all of us, over and above our regular giving.

Please see the Vision 2020 Booklet  for details of the estimated costs. Click here for the pledge form.

We invite you to be generous in your response, fervent in prayer and joyful in expectation.

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to email the rector or someone from parish council.


Parish Council reflects on Vision 2020