Talk 4
The Kiss of Death
Matthew 26:47-56

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Discussion questions

Warm up

  1. What’s in a name? Which famous person, would you count it an honour to be associated with?
  2. How have some wanted to recast Judas and what he is notorious for? Why?

Read Matthew 26:47-56

Looking at the text

  1. Matthew makes it clear that Judas was “one of the twelve”. He had been with Jesus for three years. What were some of the events Judas would have witnessed in that time?
  2. Read v48. What was the signal Judas had arranged to indicate which person was Jesus? Why this signal?  How do you respond to this?
  3. How does Jesus remain so calm?
  4. Read vv55. How does Jesus critique the crowd which came to arrest him?
  5. Read v56. And the reaction of the disciples?

Reflecting on what it means for us

  1. Why did Judas do what he did? Was it disappointment? Was it greed? Was it pride?
  2. We all feel prone to wander from God. If you feel able, share with the group under what circumstances you most feel prone to wander? What is the best course of action when are do feel prone to wander?

See v55. Jesus wasn’t a violent man. He healed the servant’s ear. And yet, he was a rebel! There was something subversive about a kingdom of truth and righteousness marked by deeds of love. Such a kingdom is a threat to Caiaphas, and Pilate and Stalin etc. And it is a threat today!! Jesus was a rebel who changes human hearts. People with changed hearts, have changed our world.

  1. What radical rebellious steps can you take this week which will impact our world for good – and for God? What might God do across our parish or diocese if we allow Jesus to radically transform us into Jesus’ likeness?

Father, forgive our rebellion and our wandering. Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love; Here’s my heart O take and seal it; seal it for thy courts above.”  

Change us Lord Jesus to be your radical disciples… and change the world through us!