As we continue to wrestle with the impact of COVID-19 at many levels, the leadership team here at Peregian have decided to suspend our current Sunday morning worship.

This is not an easy decision, but reflects the fact that we are being encouraged to reduce our contact with others and also, with an already small congregation, we only need a couple of members to be away and the impact of what we can offer is compromised.

Whilst the College still remains open, we feel it best at this time to follow the lead of many other churches and encourage people to stay at home.

Thanks for your understanding and below are some practical tips

  1. At this stage both Tewantin and Sunshine Beach will remain open, so members of the Congregation are encouraged to attend if they wish.
  2. Please find links below to the Lenten studies so that you can continue to engage with the series.
  3. We will keep you updated in relation to a possible re-opening of our service.
  4. If you are aware of members of our congregation who are quite new and therefore, we may not have their details, could you please reach out and let them know.
  5. If you have prayer or praise points, or something you would like to share, the team are very keen to support and pray for you. As well as sharing and praying with those you are close to, please don’t hesitate to contact Gary McClellan (0409 717 464 or or Hugh Begbie (0419 656 377 or
  6. Most importantly, continue to pray.  For each other, for our world and for wisdom for those who are endeavouring to lead us through these challenging times.

All Lenten videos and questions are published weekly on the Anglican Church of Noosa website:

Here are the links to the Lenten studies YouTube videos:

Talk 1:

Talk 2:

Talk 3:

Talk 4:

Talk 5:

Talk 6:

Best wishes

Peregian Leadership Team
Reverend Chris Ivey