Talk 6
The Death of the Son of God
Matthew 27:32-56

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Discussion questions

Warm up

  • What did Mike say was the aim of Roman crucifixion?


Read Matthew 27:27-56

Looking at the text

  1. Recall the ways in which the soldiers added to the humiliation Jesus faced.
  2. v32 – Matthew doesn’t mention the physical agony. What is his emphasis?
  3. v45 – in what way did Mike explain that God spoke? What was the significance of the darkness?
  4. What was the significance of Jesus calling out “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”
  5. God spoke again by an action in the tearing of the curtain in the temple. What was the significance of this?
  6. The Roman centurion understood that Jesus was truly the Son of God. How do you think he came to that conclusion?

Reflecting on what it means for us

  1. Why is the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ so central to the Christian faith?
  2. How is it possible to live a double life – whereby on the one hand you present well as a churchgoing person, yet on the other, (like Mike’s daughter reported), you are actually running from God?
  3. “The heart of the Christian story, is the cross – the place where sins are forgiven and we are washed clean.” How do you react to this? What have you learned in these Lenten studies which has impacted you and will make a difference to your Easter celebration and Christian understanding?

Keep going back to the cross. Keeping singing the cross. Preachers, keep preaching the cross!

When I survey the wondrous cross!