Praise God with the sounding of the shofar – Psalm 150

Discussion questions PDF here

Readings: Psalm 150

It would be good to read both of these passages as a group before you start.

  1. Discuss what you think it means to “praise God.”
  2. One of The Macquarie Dictionary’s definitions says: Praise “is to offer grateful homage to God”. The word “homage” comes from olden times when a vassal (slave) swore allegiance to their lord. Does this change your understanding of what it means to praise God? In what way?
  3. Hugh has reminded us of some things we should praise God for. What are you particularly conscious of today? The recent months have been difficult for many – is there anything in particular that you have learnt as a result of the virus that you can praise God for?
  4. Verses 1 and 2 remind us of some of the things we should praise God for. Take time to reflect on and discuss each of these.

Lesley Bloomfield