August 16: Vision 2020 Launch
What sort of church do we plan on being by 2020?

We have have a great church presently! But the potential and opportunities ahead are exciting.

Parish Council has spent the last 9 months working out how we can best fulfil Jesus’ commission to ‘make disciples’. We’re excited to share this vision of what our church could be like in 2020 and how we’re going to get MISSION PLAN SLIDE WITH DATEthere.

Our launch will be from 6pm on August 16 at our Tewantin site, with a light meal provided and served by Parish Council. During the evening our mninister, the Reverend Mark Calder, will be making a presentation and you will also hear from our Parish Council members. Included will be plans for expanding both our staff team and buildings so as to enable our vision to come to fruition.

VENUE: Our Tewantin site:
17 William St, Tewantin

  1. Light meal
  2. Vision 2020 launch
  3. Presentation of what we need to get there
  4. Asking for your support

To register please email Fiona in the church office.