Ministry is for Everyone:
Sunshine Coast Refreshing and Equipping Day – June 13

We had a great day on Sat 13th June. Ministry really is for everyone and this was an opportunity to hone our skills or learn new ones and return to our parishes refreshed, inspired and ready to serve in new (or old!) ways!

On this page you’ll find some of the hand outs and power points used through the day.

Click here for the notes from the plenary session

Then there were four streams to choose from and four elective sessions. Some of the material is available below where indicated. We hope to post more when available so please check back.

Elective streams included:


  1. How to read the Bible aloud  Click here for the hand out
  2. Preparing intercessions which help people to pray  Click here for the handout
  3. Using our liturgical resources for all their worth – exploring our heritage  Click here for the power points from sessions 3 and 4
  4. Creativity and worship  Click here for the power points from sessions 3 and 4
Pastoral Care

  1. Beyond crisis visiting – pastoral ministry for the whole people of God  Click here for notes from sessions 1 and 2  
  2. All you need for an effective pastoral care visit – click above – parts 1 and 2 are together  Click here for power point from sessions 1 and 2
  3. Setting up prayer ministry for healing or any need
  4. Pastoral care through small group ministry
Youth, Children and Families

  1. More than babysitting – the aim and scope of youth and children’s ministry
  2. Teaching the faith in a way which will inspire children and young people to become life long disciples  Click here for notes
  3. Recruiting, training and growing youth and children’s ministry teams
  4. Mainly music, messy church and other creative ideas – pros and cons and how to make the best of them  Click here for notes
Music Ministry

  1. For musicians and non-musicians – its part in worship – essential qualities of all involved  Click here for notes
  2. How sensitivity and creativity in arrangements can impact music ministry
  3. Practicalities – setting up to get the best sound; sound desk tips; microphone techniques Click here for notes
  4. Music ministry without musicians – what is now available via technology and how best to use it

Click here for the original PDF Brochure