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Grow – women’s conference in Brisbane

by Mark Calder

Unashamed – Strength to stay true to Jesus 17th August 9am – 3.30pm at the Brisbane Conference & Exhibition Centre We’re hoping to get many of our women to go to Brisbane for this. We will take 1 or 2 minibuses depending on numbers. Cost $55. Sign-up sheets at each location. More detail here

Parish dinner

by Mark Calder

Saturday 3rd August – with Kevin Simington bringing a relaxed and humorous yet inspiring, after-dinner talk. Keep the date free!

Reading notes – 7th in 2 Timothy series

by Mark Calder

For the week commencing 9 June 2019 With a PDF found here Notes for next Sunday’s sermon on 2 Timothy 4:1-8 – Dear Timothy… all scripture is God-breathed Our Term 2 series takes us through Paul’s second letter to Timothy. Here is the outline: 05 May           … Do not be ashamed of Jesus              […]

Weekend in

by Mark Calder

Weekend-in on prayer! – please block off the first weekend in August… you’re wonderfully busy with church! On Saturday 3rd, we’ll enjoy a teaching morning with Kevin Simington. He’ll give the first and second of 3 talks on prayer – and a third as the Sunday morning sermon. On the Saturday night, we are all […]

A note from Mark

by Mark Calder

Minister writes Dear friends, Throughout this year parish council have been studying the whole subject of discipleship. Having stated in our Vision 2020 document that we exist to make disciples (of Jesus), we have acknowledged with some sadness that we haven’t seen many brand-new disciples here the last few years. Let me share briefly what […]

Men’s breakfast

by Mark Calder

Our next men’s breakfast is Saturday 29th June with Peter Bloomfield sharing about God’s work in his life. $20 at the Riverdeck. Sign up after church or contact Rob Nichols 0419 589 789.

Listen to this morning’s message

by Mark Calder

You can LISTEN to Mark’s message by clicking here You can READ Mark’s message by clicking here (from p2) (There is no video to watch or text to read this week)

Connect group questions

by Mark Calder

Connect group questions Download the PDF here 2 Timothy 3: 1-9 – Dear Timothy… there will be terrible times Why have some people felt that when we see terrible things happen in the world, we are getting closer to the time of Jesus’ return? By contrast, what does the term ‘last days’ refer to in […]

Sunshine Beach Working Bee 

by Mark Calder

Sat. June 22nd 8am to 11am – dead trees; rubbish removal and mulching. Bring tools, gloves etc and a chainsaw if you have one. Morning tea at 9.30am. Contact John Murdoch ( 0408 343 058) or Ian Jobling (0417 192 531).