Congratulations on two accounts. First on the birth of your baby. We trust these early days are going well. Second, on choosing to mark your child’s birth with a significant church ceremony. We are glad to help.

A choice from two services

At a Thanksgiving Service, we give thanks to God for the great joy and blessing of a new baby and ask God’s blessing on them as they grow up. This is a great way of marking such a significant occasion.

At a Baptism service, parents make searching and serious promises about their own relationship with Jesus and raising their children to have a relationship with Jesus. Then, following the Biblical practice we use water as a sign of God’s cleansing forgiveness and loving welcome into his family.

What now?

To make an enquiry about proceeding with a Thanksgiving service or a Baptism for your child, please call our Office on 5449 8009 and we can begin the process and organise the preparation sessions with one of our ministers. Please note, that we need at least 6-8 weeks notice for a Baptism.

If you live out of town we ask you to go to your local Anglican church to make Baptism enquiries there. If you have a particular reason for wanting the service at Noosa we are happy to discuss.

Worship is also a vital part of preparing for Baptism, and the first step in wanting to enquire about Baptism is to come to worship and meet the ministers. In worship we learn what it means to follow Jesus and be his disciples in the world. The baptism promises are all about wanting to wholeheartedly follow Jesus.

Here are the details of our 9.30 contemporary services – at Tewantin or Peregian.
Or you may be an early riser and appreciate a more traditional form of worship – 7.30 at Sunshine Beach