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Online survey re church at Peregian Springs

by Mark Calder

Thanks for visiting our web site. We’d love your input as we plan church services for Peregian Springs. St Andrew’s parents Please Click Here and let us know your thoughts.  All other respondents Please click here and let us know your thoughts.  It will take less than a minute!  Thanks so much!

Report booklet for annual meeting

by Mark Calder

Below you’ll find a link to the report booklet for the Annual meeting next Saturday. You may like to download it and have it on your tablet for the meeting, or if you picked up a printed copy at church, would you please bring it with you. 2018 Annual meeting – report book (Our treasurer’s […]

Samaritan Care

by Mark Calder

Going shopping this week? Can you add some of the following to your list and bring next Sunday to help those in Noosa and Peregian in need? (Place in basket on your way in.) Chocolate flavoured SUSTAGEN (for convalescing older person) Pre-cooked brown rice Long life milk (including Skim Milk) Fruit Juice Nuts Shampoo (no […]

First men’s breakfast for 2018 – 10 March

by Mark Calder

Being a Christian There is just over a third of the world population who claim to be or are recorded as being Christian. What is a Christian? What is expected of being a Christian? David Vos is going to give some insight to his background, what he has done with his life and consider things […]

From our minister

by Mark Calder

Dear friends, “Work smarter, not harder” so the saying goes!! I’m trying to work out what this might mean for me as we adjust to ministry without Ian Dredge and Simon Keith. I need to ensure that I keep “the main thing, the main thing”. That is, I need to ensure that I can concentrate […]

Generate Youth

by Mark Calder

Starts Friday – 6.30pm, Peregian! For all youth in years 6-8 at school. Can’t wait to see you!  


by Mark Calder

Story time resumes at Sunshine Beach Monday morning (5th). Have a great morning!  

Annual meeting

by Mark Calder

The annual meeting for our church is on Saturday 17th February, at 3pm. This year, it will be held at our Sunshine Beach site in Bicentennial Drive. If you’d like to vote at the meeting, you have to ensure you are on our electoral roll. If you have doubts, you can check with Fiona in […]

Ash Wednesday schedule

by Mark Calder

8am Holy Communion at Sunshine Beach 4pm 1st Lenten study at Tewantin 7pm 1st Lenten study at Tewantin (repeated).