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Reading notes – “This I beleive”: Creator of heaven and earth

by Church Office

Week commencing 23rd October 2016 Notes for next week’s sermon on “This I believe”: Creator of heaven and earth With a PDF found here What a great journey we are about to embark on – a snapshot of the Creed! I hope you enjoy exploring this amazing work.  You may not know this, but it was created […]

Thank you gathering

by Mark Calder

…or all who volunteer in any way – by the river, Gympie Terrace, next Fri 21 Oct, 4.30pm. Nibbles supplied, BYO drink. Meet by the stage.  Bring something to sit on!

Christmas Bazaar – lastest news

by Mark Calder

Sat November 12. There’s a buzz of excitement with Team Bazaar. As I’ve rung around people are making chutneys and jams, finishing craft, cooking puddings and confectionery, painting banners and searching op shops for decorations. We have a lovely baby shop this year: would anyone have clothes or shirt racks to hang these beautiful items? […]

General finance update

by Mark Calder

Whilst we approved a budget at our AGM which required a 10% increase in offerings over those received in 2015, our offerings this year have only increased by 4%. Thank you Lord for that 4% increase! However, it does mean that at this stage we are heading for a deficit by year’s end. We’ve kept […]

A note from our minister

by Mark Calder

One of the saddest aspects of Australian life presently is the rise in the number of people who take their own lives. I think there must be surely be a correlation between the increased secularism in our society with a loss of hope and perspective. As a nation, God has been sidelined; the church no […]

Reading notes – Our ministers have some hope and help to share

by Mark Calder

Week commencing 16th October 2016 Notes for next week’s sermon on “Some hope and help to share.” With a PDF found here How have you found the invitational series so far? One week to go – so please pray there will be many visitors with us next Sunday. Next week our ministers will have some hope […]

There’s more to life than meets the eye

by Mark Calder

Next Sunday we’ll be looking at the fact that there’s more to life than meets the eye. Many Australians have made it in their careers, raised a family, retired comfortably but are still left with the nagging question: is this all there is? You may have friends or family who have done well in life […]

End of year gathering for Sunshine Coast clergy

by Mark Calder

Over the last few years our church has hosted an end of year lunch for the Anglican clergy of the Sunshine Coast. Scheduled for Thursday 24th November, I need someone who can arrange table settings, coordinate catering, drinks and pack up for around 17 or so people. (We’re missing Marg Hanson and Margaret Johnson!). If […]