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Reading notes – Mark Ch 10 – Father’s Day message

by Church Office

Week commencing 27th August 2017   With a PDF found here Next Sunday we welcome guest preachers. Our readings notes are a ‘one-off’ on Mark 10 from which Bishop Chris Edwards will preach at Peregian. DAY 1: Read Mark 10:1-16 We begin the week by being reminded of the frequency (i.e., his ‘custom’) with which Jesus […]

Minister writes – on same sex marriage

by Mark Calder

Dear friends, As a nation, we have now been offered an opportunity to have a say about same sex marriage. As Christians, this presents us with a unique opportunity: to show unexpected love and patience to those with whom we disagree, while taking a firm but gracious stand on the Biblical view of marriage. The […]

Fathers’ Day guests

by Mark Calder

Sydney Archbishop, Glenn Davies at 730 and 930 Tewantin Bishop of North Sydney, Chris Edwards at 930 Peregian Sun 3rd Sept Please note – no Sunday Night church on Fathers’ Day. Wonderful opportunity to invite your dads or your sons!    

Calling All Visual Artists!

by Mark Calder

As part of our upcoming Compassion Initiative mini-conference 21 Oct, we’re looking for paintings, photographs, drawings or sculptures that might reflect or invite some aspect of compassion. Please consider loaning or donating for auction one or more of your works for a weekend-long “Art of Compassion” exhibit at Tewantin Hall, 20-22 Oct.. This is a great […]

Celebration Sunday

by Mark Calder

Sunday 10th September – we’ll gather as a whole church for a special morning tea and ribbon cutting after church at Tewantin (11.15am), then join together for a wonderful lunch and ribbon cutting at Sunshine Beach to celebrate our new buildings (at 12.15pm)! Plan to join us! Will you please bring (or transfer) a thank-offering to the […]

Christmas Bazaar

by Mark Calder

Saturday 11 November. 8am onwards – – we need YOUR help to make this our major fundraising event successful. We’re looking for jewellery, body products, linen, tableware, all the gifts you have received you didn’t really want, now’s the time to make extra space in your cupboards.  If you can help please leave any items […]