We welcome this year as our speaker, Chris Edwards who preached on Fathers’ Day at Peregian in 2017 and a few years back over all of our Easter services. It will be great to have Chris back!

As we did last year, we will hear the first talk live on Ash Wednesday (either at 4pm at Sunshine or 7.30pm at Tewantin) and then the following talks via video in our Connect Groups.

Chris will be taking through each day of the week of Jesus’ death. Here is how he describes what he will be trying to do:

Over six sessions together will look at the last week of Jesus’ life, day by day.

I won’t be doing theological talks, although you can’t easily separate what happened in the last week of Jesus’ life from theology. It won’t be some kind of mystical, spiritual journey either, although I’d be surprised if this doesn’t have a spiritual impact on you if you stay the course.

While I am convinced what we will be looking at is history and geography, non-fiction, we will need our imaginations to explore the events and the locations together. I will talk about the city of Jerusalem and the people, the times and the places but especially about the week that changed the world entirely.

We’re going to see what happens when the kingdom of God crash-lands on earth. Above all, we’re going to take a white-knuckle ride through the last week of the most amazing man who has ever lived.

About his research, Chris wrote:

When Mark Calder first invited me to do this series, I was prepared to give a guided tour of a city and a story I know reasonably well. I have spent time reading and studying the biblical material for over the past forty years and I’ve visited the city of Jerusalem three times in the past ten years.

But as I went back into the materials I have collected I found that there were alleys and side-streets that I had never explored, avenues of enquiry that I never even knew existed.

It’s a darker, more complex story than I fully realised, a tale of politics and double-dealing, of betrayal and compromise, of remarkable, earth-shattering events, of apparent failure with an astonishing conclusion.

Please save the date for the first session and make sure you’re part of a connect group for sessions 2-6.