Thursday, 24 October 2019

Moonlight over the Marina (MOTM) is a major fund raising event of Noosa Regional Chaplaincy Committee in support of six School Chaplains working across 3 High School campuses and 4 State Schools in the Noosa Shire.

MOTM is an evening of formal, white linen, 3-course dining experience on the open deck at Noosa Marina, with musical entertainment, dancing, and fundraising.

The evening will feature a performance by the Sunshine Beach State High School Big Band.

The event in 2019 will be larger than last year with four restaurants of the Marina participating, providing an anticipated seating for 300 patrons. Each Restaurant offers its own menu with different course options. Dining patrons are able to review the menu offerings and select their choice of restaurants and price settings when booking.

All bookings are to be made On-line at or by phoning the MOTM Bookings line at 0491 769 794.

Noosa Church organisations are, and have been consistent supporters of Chaplains and the Chaplaincy Program in our schools, for which we thank you.  The MOTM event is one opportunity to express your support and enjoy an evening out with friends.

Tables of 10 are available for booking as a group, so nominate a person as Table Leader and gather 9 others to join you at a table. Or you can book individually. $ 30.00, as a fundraiser amount, has been added to the Restaurant cost to provide the patron cost for the evening. Drinks by restaurant separate.

Opportunity will be provided during the evening to add to this amount should you so desire. We thank you for your generous support.


Peter Chapman (0429 616 618)

Chair MOTM Committee Noosa Region Chaplaincy Committee